About Me



Welcome to Baked With Love By Ivy! My name is Ivy and I am passionate about baking and decorating cakes and treats. ​I have been baking since I was little, but a few years ago I decided to blend my love of art and baking to find cake decorating. Over the years my grandma has taught me how to bake everything from French macarons to gingerbread cookies. I used both my artistic and baking knowledge and channeled it towards teaching myself how to decorate cakes. In addition, I love making cupcakes, cookie cakes, and various confections. Developing my own recipes and experimenting with vegan and gluten free baking are other things I like to do. In addition to selling cakes and treats, I also teach zoom baking classes and have an instagram page which I would love for you to check out. Thank you for coming to the Baked With Love By Ivy website!